Friday, April 10, 2009

bikin through Strasburg

a beautiful day today, it was wonderful waking up to it after a day at the Roman bath and a rockin dance party! we are enjoying our last days here, i will miss Strasburg and the friends we have made. we will be back in 2011, for more fun and buckets of friendship!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


things are going really well. everyone seems to be settling in with their families and freinds. since saturday a lot had happened. the infamoose Ian Cotton joined us in Strasburg, we toured around the city, laughed, met keke's friends from germany and then went to Madame Micheles for dinner. they are all so kind to let us all in to there homes. wonderful food and friendships.

Monday we had to wake up at 545am to head to Paris. wow what an awesome day from Notre Dame...Academie Nationale of Muique (Pantom of the Opera's opera house! so cool!)...Arc of Triumph...the Louvre...Mona Lisa...holy cow...OVERWHELMING! we arrived home at 1045pm (16 hr day) on the train and headed to bed instantly.

Tuesday...we went bowling and i actually won the first game (against Hager, Kidwell, McEwen and Cole Carta) we enjoyed CREPES! that afternoon and then toured the European Parliament, very cool building....very 'interesting' tour guide (only kind word i could find kids).

Wednesday.... Europa Park~! its like disney world without the disney. kidwell and i were 'travel buddies' we screamed laughed cryed smiled and freaked out a few times on some awesome sure you will see pics soon enough of our crazy faces taken by the rollercoasters. we are now enjoying a Barcelona/Germany (munich) and a yummy treat 'not burned' by Mlle. Caroline..... need sleepy... will get there soon. hope you are all well, im still having the time of my life and it hasnt really sunk in that i am in france ...every time i look up and see the notre dame catheral i rememeber and am very very very thankful!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

saturday......;NATO summit Strasburg

Slept in..thank goodness, i needed it. Michelle & I headed to the grocery store and couldnt get out of our zone, we had to travel outside of town to get to the grocery store but we made it. we didnt know if we could go back the same way but all was safe. there are policemen everywhere keeping the streets safe. we see the protesters on the streets but havent seen or heard anything near by. they make it seem like the whole city is in trouble when clearly it is not. we are headed out to dinner this evening hopefully meeting up with Ian Cotton (science tecaher from murray who moved to london to teach, he is in straburg for a few days and if we can meet in the same zone we will be fine. the only reason it is so crazy where i am is because i am staying about 50 ft away from the european parliament. anyway all is well and we are headed out to dinner. cleqrly the Q key is zhere the A is qnd the Z key is zhere the W should be......

Friday, April 3, 2009

como te taunt::::::BARACK OBAMA!

yesterday the castle and CP Murray land (an amazingly cute & honorable town), today our Pres. Barack Obama spoke to us. it was amazing, the kids were amazing and very well dressed. we have been on the french news numerous times, and on wect in wilmington. we have 5 seniors with us who do a great job of speaking to the media. i never in my life time thought i would be in the samez room as the president of the united states of ameria. i have to say regardless of your poliitical views, meeting the charismqtic man we call the pres............was a chance in a life time. we would now like to organize a town hall with him in wilmington with our students and chat (if you will) with him. last night it took us an hour and 10 minutes to walk home from school (which nomally takes 5) because of the barricades. we made the best of it and im happy all the security measures were taken so all of Strasburg would be safe. today is kelli kidwells bday and we go out tonight to celebrate! i saved her a front row seat with Obama for her bday today. the students gave some euros as well and we purchased her an excellent Brazilian dinner and a beautiful braclet like the one that the St. E students gave their wonderful teacher (caroline) for her bday thurs. (please excuse all mistakes i have french on the brain and a crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy keyboard). i am now staying with michelle because of the security zones, so i will keep up with my blog as much as possible while i stay here. au revior

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so happy......

still having the time of my life. we played vball today with all the students and the went shopping around Strasburg. We are now preparing to visit a castle tomorrow and then prepare to meet Obama on Friday. Strasburg is preparing to secure the city for his visit. We are all very excited. All the kids seem to be fitting in quite nicely with their host family and friends. I really enjoy hanging out with our kids and getting to know them better each day. We had a reception at the school last night, it was amazing. great food, great company, and 'wonderful' conversation. the chefs were happy, kind, and very happy to serve at the reception. we met a few of the head masters and teachers, one of which will be visiting Murray next year, and we met a studnet that will be living in WIlmington all year next year, attending Ashely HS. the connection we have made (go kidwell!) is a wonderful and everlasting! im off to dinner this eveing with the chaps! au revoir

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


wow! so much has happened thus far and it is still pretty hard to type on this keyboard. we visited a deportation museum and a concentration camp was very sobbering. will always hold that memory. i have to get to dinner now with the rotarty club of france. i will hopefully be back soon. the kids are wonderful and are having a great time as well. i hope those who are reading this are doing good as well. au revoir

Sunday, March 29, 2009


i am here! i am happy. this is the second day and i am learning as swiftly as i can. i am staying in the center of Strasburg in a loft that over looks the city, its beautiful! Jean Philippe is an amazing host. We are walking everywhere-working off cafe, bread, cheese, etc... all wonderful. the keyboard is different so this is a little difficult! I have already purchased postcards and hope to send them soon. W e went to the park today and storks live wild here-delivering babies to the French families? except pone i will blog again soon, hopefully add pictures.